Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Joachim A. Wieser
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I met a wide range of different architecture working styles and thinking ways of working, through my development and experience at home and abroad. Each task must be seen as a new unique challenge. It is not only a fulfillment of purpose, there must be much more (1+1=3); it is a creative responsibility that characterizes the environment for years. Basically, the draft is usually a logical development of the external influences and constraints and more than a functional concept, but also the reverse operation (working way) is possible and often provides more interesting results. I try on a tangible idea to come to a draft, with a clear function concept, with a realistic, simple, minimalist and elegant solution that has also developed its economic benefits.


Professional Highlights:

  • About 7 years internat. professional experience in Beijing / China, Meran / Italy and Kiev / Ukraine
  • Several years of domestic experience (Austria), mainly in Vienna and Tyrol.
  • Several years of professional experience on the site (site super vision) and in collaboration with a wide range of firms and experts.
  • About 8 years in senior positions as Project Manager and Chief architect.
  • Project support in all phases of the architect work, from the basis for determining, the draft ideas, authority planning, authorities ways of implementation, construction planning and detail planning to project management with tendering, procurement, accounting, construction management (site super vision) and BauKG (construction safety coordination).
  • Project editing in all sizes and scales with different priorities, from urban planning, to the object design, to the landscape planning and interior design.
  • My flexibility, my idealism and my international professional experience are the basis for my future professional development.